Sunday, January 29, 2012

Knox County Board of Education / Knox County Commission Retreat
Board members and Commissioners spent Friday evening and most of the day Saturday identifying ways to work better together. The retreat was utilized to allow members from both elected bodies to build relationships, understand the roles and responsibilities of each elected body, agree on goals and identify more productive ways to communicate between the two elected bodies.
My take on the retreat - I believe the retreat was a huge success on many fronts and open lines of communication have been established. This is the first time both elected bodies have ever met together in this type of setting, (both elected bodies were involved in a lawsuit back in 2001-2003 and this was not productive for the people of Knox County). Back in September 2011, when I took on the role as Chairman of the Knox County Board of Education, I noted that I wanted better communication and relationships between the School Board and County Commission. I believe this weekend's retreat is one big step toward this goal.
I want to thank Commission Chairman, Mike Hammond, for his leadership and his work in co-chairing the retreat. I also thank all Commissioners and School Board members for their willingness to attend, participate and make the retreat a success!

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