Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Transfers - The Facts
A lot of bad information is floating around in e-mails and phone calls regarding potential transfers from HVA. I am posting on this topic to make sure everyone has the facts and nothing but the facts!
  • In early March, I asked Dr. McIntyre to look into the possibility of allowing transfers from HVA to FHS or Karns. HVA will be at full capacity for this coming school year and the possibility of allowing transfers would help HVA with enrollment numbers. This is a potential option to help enrollment at HVA, FHS and Karns.
  • The current transfer period is over and a special transfer window would have to be opened.
  • No rezoning, selective rezoning or any other term used with "zoning" is part of my request. Transfer applications only!
  • The Board of Education may discuss this issue at our April meeting if Dr. McIntyre feels this option is needed.
  • If the transfer window is opened we will provide more information.

If you are interested in a potential transfer please call the transfer office. They have been instructed to take your name and contact information. I would also like for you to e-mail me, with the same information.