Wednesday, November 04, 2009

State Report Card - Results & Information
The results are in. I am sure many of you have questions regarding Knox County's report card and the criteria used to determine the scores. Instead of typing a very long explanation, I am providing links to give you this information. Please note the timeline as it relates to baseline and scoring methods.
In 2003, Tennessee set the state growth standards for each subject based on the progress rate of students in 1998. Since that time, all TCAP Criterion Reference Test (CRT) scale scores have been converted into state Normal Curve Equivalents (NCEs) consistent with the way calculations were preformed in the base year of 1998.
Since 2003, many districts and schools have regularly met the state’s growth standard (1998 base year). Calculations based on 1998 data show current levels Tennessee students would be considered passing state tests in all subjects and all grades.
In 2009 - 2010, the Tennessee Department of Education is implementing new curriculum, assessment standards and graduation requirements.
To demonstrate student progress towards these higher expectations, it was necessary to revise the formula used for grades on the Report Card.
This year, the Tennessee Department of Education reset the growth standard to reflect the average student performance in 2009 providing a fixed transition point prior to the implementation of standards and assessments.
Please visit At the top of the page you will see three links that are new and provide information on the following:
  • New State Report Card Information
  • Growth Standard for 2009
  • Tennessee Diploma Project PowerPoint Presentation

You can visit our website and view the report card as well.

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