Tuesday, September 15, 2009

School Coupon Campaign Starts Thursday
The coupon books cost $10.00 with $7.50 going to the school where the book is sold. Schools with a high number of economically disadvantaged students share $.90 from the sale of each book. Encyclopedia Britannica On-Line for all Knox County Schools’ libraries is funded by $.15 of the proceeds and another $.15 funds the “Schooled for Success” program, an eighth grade career awareness initiative in each Knox County middle school. The cost of printing is $.90 per book. Only $.40 of the book’s cost goes to cover administrative and student incentive cost.
The school coupon book contains money-saving offers worth more than $6000, providing discounts on fast food, fine dining, personal and professional services, as well as shopping and entertainment. Students sell the coupon books, which feature discount coupons for over 300 area merchants, in a two-week campaign conducted this year from Sept. 17 through Oct. 2.
“Fifteen cents from each book sale funds the Schooled for Success program,” said Bacon. “This is an eighth grade career awareness initiative in each Knox County middle school. It is a year-long program that culminates in an internship for many eight grade students. Students complete a portfolio focusing on self-assessment, career exploration, career planning, pre-employment skills development and employment skills development. They also have the opportunity to participate in a career fair that traditionally has exhibitors from over 100 local businesses and community organizations.”
“We understand that people have a lot of different views of the coupon book and school fundraising activities in general,” said Bacon. “But we feel that the book is a real value. It lets a buyer recoup his or her investment through the use of the coupons. There are not many $10.00 investments that can return up to $6,000.00 over the course of a year.”

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