Saturday, November 18, 2006

Weekly Update
11/20/06 14:00 - The e-mail numbers continue to increase (1187) and I ask that you copy all School Board members on your correspondence, as a lot of the e-mail I am receiving is sent to me only.
As of this morning, I have received 1,101 e-mails (455 are part of a thread or dialogue) regarding the HVHS school zone. I appreciate you taking the time to communicate your feelings, suggestions and thoughts regarding our zoning process. I apologize if you have not received a reply from me as I am trying to respond to you in the order received. Please make sure you send future e-mail to as I rarely check my other account.
I know this may sound strange but I am looking forward to Monday night, November 20. I am ready for the Superintendent to present his proposal regarding the HVHS school zone. I know that a lot of you are ready for this process to move forward as well. Please note that the School Board will vote on the Superintendent's proposal at the December 6th meeting.
If you plan to attend the meeting on November 20th, please note the start time of 17:00. I suggest you arrive early as seating is limited. We will broadcast our meeting on live television as well. If you plan to speak during public forum please call the Board of Education office to have your name added to the list.
Rumors regarding the HVHS school zoning process continue to circulate all over our community.
R- The Town of Farragut owns the Farragut schools and all children residing in the Town of Farragut should attend Farragut schools.
A - False! The Town of Farragut does not own the schools. Knox County owns the schools located in the Town of Farragut. The Mayor of Farragut has stated several times that the Town of Farragut is not in the eduction business. The Town of Farragut builds and maintains the roads, sidewalks and parks in the town.
R- HVHS will not have athletic programs the first year it opens.
A- False! We will have athletics. The programs supported will be announced well before we open the school. We need to hire the Principal and staff before we can announce the exact programs.
R- HVHS will not have AP classes and a program that compares to FHS.
A- False! The classes offered will not be decided until we can hire the Principal. The Principal will have a very large role in determining the classes offered at HVHS. We have some great plans for this school and I am excited!
R- The community meetings back in October were "for show" and the zoning decision had already been made. The feedback and suggestions from the community will not be used.
A- False! The community meetings were for you to provide your input to the school system regarding zoning for HVHS. The Superintendent will present his proposed zone for HVHS at our November 20th meeting.
Please stay tuned for updates.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Speed humps have been installed at FHS to slow down traffic.

I received a couple of complaints regarding the installation of the speed humps with concern to damaging cars.

My answer - The lives of our children, administrators and visitors to our campus are more important than your car! If you drive the speed limit on our school campus and note the speed hump, your car will be fine. You might just save a life as well.

Please slow down and stay alert while driving in our school zones!
Congratulations to the Farragut Admirals with their win in the 2nd round of the state playoffs!

Farragut plays at Ooltewah on Friday, November 17.