Thursday, October 05, 2006

Update - Community Meeting @ FHS 10/3/06
I want to thank everyone that attended the community meeting regarding school zoning. Your participation, comments and suggestions were welcome and I can guarantee you that they were noted.
Thank you to the parents outside of Farragut for your participation. Your concerns are equally important!
I want to stress and emphasize that the School Board has not set the zone for Hardin Valley High School. The rumors are flying about areas being re-zoned and you should not pay attention to these rumors. We have not made a decision on which areas will go to HVHS. The School Board will be presented with a proposal from the KCS Central staff and the 9 members of the School Board will vote on this proposal in December.
The presentation from Tuesday night is available at Slides 11 - 22 list the areas in consideration for re-zoning. I want to remind everyone that we have not set the new zone for HVHS. In order to establish and set the school zone for HVHS, we must decide (School Board to vote in December) which areas will be re-zoned (slides 11-22).
I look forward to our community meetings at BHS and KHS. I hope we have the turnout and participation like we had at FHS.
Thank you again for your participation and comments. I want to thank the people that acknowledged our proactive planning / process. This is the first time the school system has provided the community 18 months notice regarding school zones.
Please check back next week as I will post more regarding this topic.

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