Thursday, October 12, 2006

Karns Community Meeting - Update
Our meeting at KHS tonight was our final community meeting regarding the HVHS school zone. Several parents and students offered suggestions and voiced concerns regarding the re-zoning process.
I want to thank the students for giving their opinion and suggestions. I was very impressed with a 12th grader from FHS. This student had transferred from Arizona and wanted people to know that you can make new friends at a new school. She also noted that your school experience and education are what you make of it.
The main issues mentioned tonight consisted of; siblings attending 2 different high schools, comparable curriculum, varsity sports, voc/tech classes, safety (2 lane roads & traffic congestion), PTA, location of school (distance traveled) and ROTC programs.
All of the issues brought up tonight are very valid and concern me as well.
Thank you for attending the meetings, voicing your concerns and providing suggestions!
Stay tuned as I will update you as we move toward the proposal of the school zone.

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